Saturday, March 26, 2011

Do & Did

I hate To Do lists! 

They're too much like a drill sargent
in my head demanding performance
 and giving no praise.

I go to bed having added two items for every one I've crossed off.  The undone things having erased the done ones.  Frankly, they are awful for one's self-esteem.  I like, I LOVE Did Lists.  Start with an empty page (I prefer the family message board so everyone can see!) and start filling it up.  Everything counts!  A shower counts, as does feeding the dog, calls checking on family and friends, doing dishes, made beds, storytime, diapers changed, meals made, games played, snacks dished out,

 loads of laundry (count 'em all - they get on the list even if they don't get folded!), husband back rubs, band aids applied.  You did it, write it down.  Stop being the tough guy in your head who only accepts crossed-off-list-perfection.

I stopped by to see a friend.  She greeted me with, "The most important things I've done today, don't show." 

They seldom do. 

Full disclosure:  I do make To Do lists.  But, whenever my list starts to make me feel like a lazy slug, I do a day of I Dids.  I consider making To Do lists in the same category as changing dirty diapers, it's just something you can't ignore for long.


Jenny said...

I agree that this way is way more gratifying! My "to do" lists often turn into "did" lists because I'll do something and then rush over and add it just so I can check it off.

Carrie said...

Ditto to Jenny. I love seeing the checkmarks!

Derek & Naomi said...

Love it! Totally going to try it!