Friday, March 4, 2011

Mental Health Lessons I Learned From My Washing Machine

Squeeks, rattles, a horrible buzz,
Such an awful sound
   when its buttons were pushed.
The problem's at the top, I surmised,
So shimmied the panel, tightened the bolts,
   and cursed the beast
   for still making that noise.
Frustrated, annoyed, I gave it a smack,
   "What's the matter with you?
    Don't you know when you're fixed?"
Calling in help, I pronounced the problem
   and solution all in one breath.
He laughed, raised it up,
   gave one leg a couple of turns,
It was only unbalanced, he said.


shelly said...

funny!!! Some times we dont know as much as we think we do.

Jenny said...

I love your poems, Mom! You are better than anyone I know at extracting deep life lessons from random things in everyday life. :D